Time Wednesday, 11:45h-13:15h
Room 135
Credits 2SWS/3ECTS
Ilias Lecture in Illias
Exam Project + Oral Exam
Precondition Successful attendance of lecture Artificial Intelligence (113442)


  • First lesson in WS 23-24: 11.10.2023


Currently the by far most prominent category of AI is Machine Learning, in particular Deep Learning. Deep Neural Networks have revolutionized many tasks of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Time Series Prediction, Control and many others. Moreover, this type of AI has enabled new applications like automatic content generation, question answering etc. In order to build, train, evaluate and apply neural networks we usually apply Python frameworks like Pytorch or Tensorflow/Keras. This lecture introduces into the Python-based Deep Learning framework Pytorch. First some general concepts of Pytorch are described. After this, Deep Neural Networks for selected applications from the fields of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining and Control are implemented in Pytorch.

Jupyterbook of this lecture: Access only for registered students.

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At the end of the term student-groups have to implement a Deep Learning Project of their choice in Pytorch. This project and a oral exam will make up the final grade.