Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently one of the hottest topics in computer science. Developments in AI are supposed to strongly influence all areas of life: The way how we communicate, move, create, work, study, …

At the HdM study program Computer Science and Media Artificial Intelligence has been an integral part of teaching and research since more than 10 years. However, currently AI starts to penetrate nearly all disciplines of our university.

This workshop is addressed to all colleagues who are interested in AI. The event does not require any previous AI knowledge. Goal of the workshop is to provide a high-level and structured understanding of the

  • main categories of AI
  • basic concepts of each of the AI categories
  • representative, popular and high-potential applications of each category

A particular strong emphasis is put on the category Machine Learning, in particular Deep Learning - the field that has recently produced the most amazing applications.

Neural Network and Deep Neural Networks are described in more detail, than the other AI categories. The currently most important network architectures are introduced.

Workshop Structure:

  1. AI Introduction
  2. Category Search and Plan
  3. Category Knowledge Representation and Inference
  4. Category Modelling of Uncertainty
  5. Category Machine Learning
  6. Neural Networks
    1. Single Neuron
    2. Conventional Neural Networks
    3. Deep Neural Networks
      1. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
      2. Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
      3. Autonencoder (AE)
      4. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)