Deep Learning Track 1, 18.07.2019, 8.15h-12.30h

Deep Learning Track 1 Der Deep Learning Track ist eine vom Institute for Applied AI (IAAI) angebotene Veranstaltungsreihe. Sie richtet sich an alle, die mit den aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bereich Deep Learning Schritt halten wollen (keep track). Die erste Ausgabe wird am 18.07.2019 von 8.15h - 12.30h an der HdM stattfinden. Die Schwerpunktthemen in dieser ersten Veranstaltung sind Explainable AI (XAI) und Generative Adversariale Netze (GAN) für Bildsynthese und Bildvergrößerung. [Read More]

HdM internal workshop on Artificial Intelligence, 25th September, 2018, Room 056

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently one of the hottest topics in computer science. Developments in AI are supposed to strongly influence all areas of life: The way how we communicate, move, create, work, study, … At the HdM study program Computer Science and Media Artificial Intelligence has been an integral part of teaching and research since more than 10 years. However, currently AI starts to penetrate nearly all disciplines of our university. [Read More]

2nd Deeplearning Day at HdM, 12th January, 2018

We are happy to announce the 2nd HdM Deeplearning Day at Friday, January 12th, 2018, room I003, Nobelstr. 8 Deep Learning is currently one of the hottest topics in computer science. The performance of existing applications such as object recognition, speech recognition or automatic translation have been revolutionized by deep neural networks. Moreover, this type of algorithms open doors for a wide range of new intelligent applications. The presentations of the 2nd Deeplearning cover current research directions, applications of deep learning in autonomous driving and architecture of complex and high-performing AI-systems. [Read More]