Lecture Artificial Intelligence


Organisation Time Monday, 8:15h-11:30h Room 120 E-Learning Course in Ilias Credits 4 SWS / 6 ECTS Exam written, 60min Announcements First lesson in WS 23-24: 19.10.2023 Artificial Intelligence Maybe you know Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Sci-Fi movies? With intelligent machines that are far superior to humans? If you expect something like this, you might be on the wrong path. [Read More]

Lecture Machine Learning


Organisation Time Wednesday, 8.15h-11.30h Room 204 Credits 4 SWS / 5 ECTS Exam written, 60min Announcements First lesson in WS 23-24: 11.10.2023 Machine Learning Machine Learning is currently one of the hottest topics in computer science. Almost daily we find new press releases about groundbreaking improvements in a wide field of applications, comprising e. [Read More]

Selected Topics of Artificial Intelligence


Organisation Time Wednesday, 11:45h-13:15h Room 135 Credits 2SWS/3ECTS Exam Project + Oral Exam Precondition Successful attendance of lecture Artificial Intelligence (113442) Announcements First lesson in WS 23-24: 11.10.2023 Content Currently the by far most prominent category of AI is Machine Learning, in particular Deep Learning. Deep Neural Networks have revolutionized many tasks of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Time Series Prediction, Control and many others. [Read More]

Data Mining Lab


Organisation Credits 4SWS/6ECTS Exam Lab Exercises Maximum number of students 20 Announcements This lecture is held by Johannes Theodoridis and Manuel Eberhardinger Data Mining Lab: Contents In this course 6 different data mining and pattern recognition applications are implemented by all student groups. A group contains at most 3 students. The implementation of each application should be done within one session. [Read More]

Lecture Natural Language Processing


Organisation Time Tuesday, 10:00h-11:30h Room i003 Credits 2SWS/3ECTS Exam written exam Announcements First lesson in term WS 22-23: Tuesday, 11.10. 2022 This lecture is held by Daniel GrieƟhaber and Marcel Heisler Natural Language Processing Natural Language Processing (NLP) deals with techniques that enable computers to understand the meaning of text, which is written in a natural language. [Read More]

Selected Topics of Artificial Intelligence


Organisation Time WS 2023⁄24 Room t.b.d. Credits 2SWS/3ECTS Exam Seminar paper + presentation Precondition successful attendance of lecture Artificial Intelligence (113442) Announcements First lesson in term WS 19//20: Monday, 14.10. 2019 Grading/Exam: After the presentations, which are listed in the table below, student-groups can select one of the presented topics. The selected topic is studied in more detail in a homework project. [Read More]



Convolutional Neural Networks Author: Johannes Maucher Last Update: 13th December 2017 There exists different types of deep neural networks, e.g. * Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) * Deep Belief Networks (DBNs) * Stacked Autoencoders and many others and variants of them. Among these different types, CNNs are currently the most relevant ones. This notebook describes the overall architecture and the different layer-types, applied in a CNN. Since the most prominent application of CNNs is object recognition in images, the descriptions in this notebook refer to this use-case. [Read More]

Lecture Artificial Intelligence in Games


Organisation Time only SS Time Friday, 10.00h-13.15h Room 056 Credits 4SWS/6ECTS Exam written, 90min Announcements First lesson in SS 19: 22.03.2019 Contents This lecture consists of 2 parts: A theoretical part, which introduces the AI-algorithm applied in game AI, and a practical part, where the application and implementaion of AI in modern computer games is demonstrated. [Read More]

Lecture Object Recognition in Image and Video


Organisation Time only SS Date Wednesday, 08.15h-11.30h Room 136 Credits 4 SWS / 5 ECTS Exam Presentation Announcements First lesson of term SS 22: 15.03.2023 Object Recognition The goal of computer vision is to enable machines to see and understand data from images and videos. To achieve this goal the central computer vision task is object recognition. [Read More]